The first selection of umbrellas made in the UK is available at 41 rue de Verneuil in Paris Rive Gauche.

You can discover all the colors and types of wooden handles. Everything is customizable on demand ... 

Chato Lufsen


FRIDAY, 20th OCTOBER, 2017



{ Séraphin's jacket by Chato Lufsen - en agneau nymphe d'Erythrée }

{Available in ready to wear and on special order}

Chato Lufsen





Séraphin's Jacket puy Chato Lufsen

{ Presentation of the first collaboration with Séraphin's house }

{ Available at 41 rue de Verneuil - 75007 PARIS RIVE GAUCHE }

Chato Lufsen





Aqua di Ginosa

{ Aqua di Ginosa - Eau de parfum by G. Inglese }

{ Available at 41 rue de Verneuil - 75007 PARIS RIVE GAUCHE }

Chato Lufsen


TUESDAY, 27th JUNE, 2017



Hello everyone, I'm pleased to announce that the Chato Lufsen sales counter is now open

You will find all the creations of the house: pockets square, ties, bow ties, cufflinks, shirts "Agnelli" by G. Inglese and dressing gown

All creations are customizable with a wide choice of fabrics available at the shop

Opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30 to 14:30 and 16:30 to 19:30

The address: 41 rue de Verneuil - 75007 PARIS

Boutique telephone number: +33 1 45 08 05 06

Dans l'attente de vous y accueillir...


Chato Lufsen




Ephemeral sale of autumn: masculine elegance in Paris on October 14, 15 and 16, 2016



J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que la maison Chato Lufsen participera à la vente éphémère de rentrée qui se tiendra du vendredi 14 au dimanche 16 octobre inclus au cœur de Paris, au 10 rue d'Alger (1er arrondissement) (plan ci-dessous).

This appointment, over a period of 3 days will be an opportunity for you to meet 5 different houses, Kalgati, Zampa di Gallina, l'Atelier Brune, Pauline Brosset and finally the maison Chato Lufsen.

Concerning us, the house will be present all day Saturday, 16 th October, it will be for you dear readers, the opportunity to discover the entire range of the house, namely, cufflinks, French linen pouches or in Italian mestizos, and the whole range of ties. Will also be visible Jean-Michel vest with the Rive Gauche spirit and "dressing gown" in short or long version.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to visit our page Facebook or our Instagram to discover many pictures of the creations ...

Looking forward to welcoming you !


Chato Lufsen


FRIDAY, 29th JULY , 2016

Luxembourg retailer


Chères lectrices, chers lecteurs, je tiens à vous faire part de l'ouverture du second "comptoir de vente" à Luxembourg au sein du magasin :

BASICS & BESPOKE / The chaps 2, rue du Marché-aux-Herbes 1728 LUXEMBOURG CITY


Telephone: +352 2 620 1675

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 13h and 14h to 18h30


You can find some pocket square, ties and butterfly knots while waiting for some novelties in September.

Bonne visite !

Chato Lufsen



Chères lectrices, chers lecteurs, je reprends ma plume après une trop longue période d’absence pour vous informer que je suis en train de réaliser un projet qui me tient à cœur depuis longtemps.

In fact, since June I have been working on the creation of my own fashion house, which will be specialized in men's clothing and accessories.

In a second time, I will be able to propose a range of shirts, jackets, trousers and overcoats, ready to wear but also on special order.

I also hope eventually to be able to offer a traditional "tailor" service for all the rooms in the cloakroom, and especially for the shirts, the essential passion behind this blog ...

The proposed style will be of "Parisian Rive Gauche" spirit, which means for me classic pieces even staggered, in impeccable cuts, "precious" fabrics of the highest order, subtle colors, light construction and aerial parsimonious use of interlacing or padding, and above all, ultimate refinement and elegance to the French requires, details and very advanced finishes.

Thus, we can already say that the Chato Lufsen House will address a demanding but hedonistic public, adept of a certain spirit state, mastering the codes but wanting to jostle them, get around them to emancipate ...


Chato Lufsen